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Nurturing Potential.
Inspiring  Success.

Empowering youth through mentorship and impactful service.

Our Mission

Educate & Excel Academy (EEA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emergent bilingual students (ESL) as they navigate the challenges of adapting to a new culture. We pair these students with college mentors who provide invaluable assistance across different facets of their daily lives, from navigating class courses to fostering genuine friendships.

Our committed mentors strive to meet the unique needs of each ESL student, offering guidance and support wherever it's required. At EEA, our ultimate goal is to inspire and empower our mentees to pursue their passions with confidence, guided by the mentorship they receive from our dedicated team.

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 Get Involved

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Mentors that Matter

Our youth mentors, comprised of college and graduate-level individuals, passionately guide and support middle school children, fostering personal growth, academic development, and a positive outlook for a brighter future.

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Mentee's with Potential

Unlock your potential with mentorship. Join us for personalized guidance from college mentors. Embrace your resilience as individuals adapting to new cultures and languages, while discovering and learning together

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Help Create Change

Empower dreams with your generosity. Your donation fuels our mission to provide personalized mentorship, support, and opportunities for emergent bilingual students. Together, we can make a lasting impact on their journey to success. 

Mentee Testimonials
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Some of Our Favorite Moments

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