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Where Passion Meets Purpose

Discover the extraordinary journey of becoming a mentor with EEA – where passion meets purpose. Dive into a world of meaningful connections, empowerment, and positive impact. Your journey to making a difference starts here.

Path to Become a Mentor

Step 1

Meet the Requirements

  • Members must be at least 18 years old

  • Complete one interview with an EEA Board Member

  • Accumulate a 3.30 overall GPA

  • Enroll for the duration of the middle school calendar year


    * Prospective members are subject to approval by EEA 

Step 3

Complete an Interview with an EEA Board Member

  • Send an interview request through the posted chat on the Band App in the "EEA: Interested?" group.

  •  Interviews serve as a means to learn more about you, assess your interest in mentorship, determine if you are an ideal fit for the program, and address any questions you may have.

Step 2

Download Bands and Join our Group

Install Band from the app store. Join and connect with the "EEA: Interested?" group  to sign up for an interview or ask us questions using the button or QR code.

EEA_ Interested_.png

Step 4

Complete a Background Check

Complete and submit an NISD Volunteer and Contractor Background Check using the button.

Step 5

Training Course at Rudder Middle School

Finish a training course at Rudder Middle School with our program coordinators and middle school faculty.

Step 6

Complete a Mentee-Mentor Survey

A Mentee-Mentor Survery will be given after completion of background and training to begin the matching process. 

Continuing the Program

Requirement 1

Meet with Your Mentee 2X a Month

  • Visits are scheduled during specified elective hours throughout the school year. Every mentor will receive their mentees' school schedules via email once they have completed the match survey and background check, indicating the times they are permitted to visit their mentee. 

  • Participating in mentee-mentor socials is credited as both a participation point and meeting attendance credit, but only on a single occasion per semester. 

Requirement 2

Meet with Your Assigned Program Coordinator 3x a Year.

Who are Program Coordinators?

Upon enrollment in the program, a program coordinator will be assigned to each mentor and will initiate contact with them. The coordinator's responsibilities include monitoring the mentor's progress in the program, ensuring compliance with requirements, providing mentor trainings, and assistance for any inquiries related to mentorship. The meetings will be brief, conducted virtually, and will be scheduled based on the mentor's availability.

EEA Incetives

Aim to Complete 3 Participation Points Each Semester.

What are participation points?

Participation points can be earned by actively engaging as mentors at EEA/school events or by making donations to our organization. While not mandatory, earning points is highly encouraged. To accrue credit, mentors should actively participate in mentor-mentee events, attend mentor-specific gatherings, contribute to fundraising events, engage in various miscellaneous activities, or contribute items or funds to support our organization.

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