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Connect with the Faces Driving Our Mission

Connect with the faces driving our mission.  Explore the individuals shaping our youth mentorship initiative, and discover the hearts behind the mission. Each member brings a unique spark to our collective commitment, contributing to the positive impact we strive to achieve. 

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The Board of Directors

Meet the powerhouse behind our youth mentorship program – the Board of Directors. This dynamic team takes the lead in steering our organization. They make pivotal decisions, ensuring the success of our initiatives and overseeing committees that drive the mission forward. Together, they bring strategic leadership and a shared commitment to empowering the next generation.



Co-President & Co-Founder


Samantha Chapa

Co-President & Co-Founder


Rawan Bader

Vice President & Co-Founder

  • Media Committee Director

  • Training Committee Director


Sarah Hasan

Historian & Co-Founder

Abbie Cabrera




Media Committee Officers

The Media Committee, tasked with overseeing all social media platforms, they craft and disseminate engaging digital content. From informative updates to inspiring stories, the Media Committee ensures our online presence resonates with our mission. Through their digital prowess, they play a vital role in spreading awareness and connecting our community through various digital channels.

Jonathon Garcia

Social Media Coordinator 

Sarah Gharib

Social Media Coordinator 

Finance Committee Officers

Rishith Telakalapalli


Dylan Moran


Introducing our Finance Committee, tasked with intricately planning fundraisers, they play a pivotal role in securing essential resources for our mission. Expertly managing donated funds, the committee ensures transparency and fiscal accountability. Beyond fundraising, they adeptly handle financial matters, contributing to the program's financial health and sustained impact. With a strategic mindset, the Finance Committee is dedicated to ensuring the fiscal vitality and success of our youth mentorship initiatives.

Events Committee Officers

Meet the Event Committee shaping community engagement for mentors and mentees. The Events Committee plans and executes exciting community events, fostering connections and enhancing the mentorship experience. Their creative touch brings the program to life, providing memorable moments that enrich the journey of our youth mentorship initiative.


 Nedda Castagno



Richard Poe


Training Committee Officers

Lisette Rameriz


Nataly Salas


Meet the Training Committee, the innovators behind mentorship excellence in our youth program. This devoted team collaborates closely with mentors, refining program strategies and leading impactful training sessions. Through regular meetings, they strive for continuous improvement, offering valuable insights to elevate the mentorship experience. Dedicated to nurturing both mentors and mentees, the Training Committee plays an integral role in shaping the triumph of our youth mentorship program.

Retired Contributors

Bailey Cox

Co- Founder &

Former Secretary

Eduardo Calderon

Co- Founder &

Former Program Coordinator

Parissa Sharif

Co- Founder &

Former Treasurer

Cameron Muhamadi

Former Fundraising Coordinator

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